Friday, September 24, 2010

A poem for every pint

Photo - Taken at Brighton Beach

 Before i lose this little diary that i used to carry around on my solo one day travels in the UK, jotting down all the poems or whatever they are without judgment. Embarrassment is a small price to pay for immortality after all... :-). Having a pint alone or a coffee alone always seems good in retrospect.Actually.. pssst....i felt wonderful then.

Pub - Head of the River

Pub : Head of the River
Place : Oxford,UK

My thoughts freeze in the cold
I try to stir them up with a few drags of smoke
But the memory of me doesn’t change with time
And the smoke clears,
Making way for you..

By the Oxford Canal,
Sits the old Brit in Black
She breaks the bread in pieces
And throws them down to the Ducks and Swans
The birds have the bread with water
And she has them with some bland English tea


Youth Hostel - Poppit Sands,Cardigan,Wales

Pub : Hope and Anchor (Probably..)
Place : Poppit Sands,Cardigan,Wales

The dead are dead
The ones living are dead too
Is God feeling lonely ?

Marquez said something,
I did not understand
I wish I had learnt more than what my education taught
For eg.. Spanish ?

Yesterday is over,
Today is almost done
I shall get drunk again

Every poet,
Loves his poems.
Every drunk man,
Loves everybody

What if everything is an illusion
The only thing that would seem real,
Would be our dreams.

Bob Marley playing on the recorder,
In a pub .. in Wales.
Doesn’t sound so bad ..

We all know ,
We are acting in a play.
We all know..
Don’t we ?


Pub : .. No, this time .. was just a coffee place
Place : London

Wet street, wet feet
Coffee on the table, 1.95 Pounds

I got down at the wrong tube station
Felt like a joker.
But then, in a way,
It was the right station.
Piccadilly Circus !


Piccadilly Circus Tube Station

Friday, March 12, 2010

   I have never thanked technology, but i know,now is the time to do it.
Without this,i would not have known what cruising means and more importantly, what it feels.Sit erect,hands slightly loose on the handlebar,thighs touching the tank but just slightly,a constant thump at 50kph and you would not care about anything else,because even the drivers speeding you by,cant help looking behind as they move past you.
    Many have argued against the cult status that the Bullet has achieved because of the maintenance that a 350/500cc Engine requires, plus the mileage that it gives.Then there are some, who would call its thump, a noise.I agree with them.Nothing so wrong with the facts or speculations.
    But you are not the same person anymore after you ride on it.At least i am not.Any kind of research is not going to help you to like the bike.A ride on it and you feel its a privilege and not a right.You feel humbled, being able to ride on the bull.And what else,there are many a things you discover and learn.
    You cruise and don't speed.That's when it dawns,why speed when you can cruise.This is the time,when you start looking beyond the road,the landscape.The chaos in your mind drops to its lowest.You suddenly discover one of the reasons why you exist.You don't care much about the destination at this moment,the ride does not let you.The constant thump does not let you think beyond the next second,its that addictive.The present moment is the destination.
    "Four wheels move the body.Royal Enfield moves the soul." - Author Unknown.

Monday, February 22, 2010

The Marvellous Earth

'As you walked on the beach the waves were enormous and they were breaking with magnificent curve and force. You walked against the wind, and suddenly you felt there was nothing between you and the sky, and this openness was heaven. To be so completely open, vulnerable - to the hills, to the sea, and to man - is the very essence of meditation. To have no resistance, to have no barriers inwardly towards anything, to be really free, completely, from all the minor urges, compulsions, and demands, with all their little conflicts and hypocrisies, is to walk in life with open arms. And that evening, walking there on that wet sand, with the sea gulls around you, you felt the extraordinary sense of open freedom and the great beauty of love which was not in you or outside you - but everywhere.' 

All The Marvelous Earth,Brockwood Park,3rd Public Talk 6th September 1980