Tuesday, September 25, 2007

What Crap !!

Just thinking (Abhijit Bhave thinks !), what to write. I dont know , why am i saying this. Because, if i dont know what to write, why am i forcing myself to write. Whats the catch?? Am here to find it out. I think its to make up an image for yourself.The way you want it to be. And thats what i plan to do. And i guess, thats what i have been doing. Why am i writing it here and not in my personal diary? With every passing day am i getting insecure and wondering about the significance of my existence on this planet? I think so.I think writing anything down gives a sense of solidity and permanence. Writing here helps or atleast gives a feeling that its going to help. Helps to make a space for yourself.Even if it just e-space.Permanence. Yes, each passing moment seems ungraspable. Permanence can only be brought with the help of friends , relationships, memories... and blogs!!
Now that i am clear as to why am i writing, the next thing would be to write something.
I guess i have written enough.
What crap !!!!

Monday, September 10, 2007

The Green Leaf...

The old man was mumbling at night. He was talking about the green leaf.Thats how i got the title of this blog. And the write-up too. Yes, the green leaf seemed to have fascinated him to no end. But , his end was near. So, he could not take the confusion any longer. And since he was too sleepy in the day to think, he did it in the night when he would dream about the leaf. And in his dreams , he would always be awake. That was a great help.
He knew the tree, its every branch , every twig.. and ofcourse the green leaf. Well, all the other leaves were green as well... ,but i guess they are all different from each other too.It was at the end of the branch and seemed to enjoy the solitude. If you saw from a certain angle,then you always thought that the leaf was ready to jump. Dive into a pool or do Bungee jumping.Almost as if waiting for something to happen that would make it jump. Thats why the old man never went near it.In fact i have never seen him going out of his room.
Yes.. coming back to the old man's mumbling.
He kept mumbling something and i could not hear a word of it. But i always imagined it was about green leaf that i told you about.