Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Just Cant believe this..

Here i am in the office and blogging..
Never thought , i would be able to do this.With the policies of the company and restriction on site access.
But then, hats off to google. Have been able to access this without getting caught by the Web Sense.
Hmm.. I now have a reason to stay back. Stay back longer ... ofcourse.

Now only one more thing could make me happier, if somone read this. :-)

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Sunny Beaches and a girl called Maggie Magpie..

I noticed her as she was climbing up the stairs.She was lost in thought.But probably,she knew where she was going.Thats something, i always admire the human body for. Mind is engrossed some place else,but the subconscious handles things alright.Wonderful.

Well, she kept on walking.She kept at it, until there were no more stairs to climb.

The sunny beaches kept calling her.But she was engrossed.She reminded me of the girl from one one of Milan Kundera's novel.

i dont remember,where i was all the time.Probably, i was lost myself.

The daffodils said something to me.

They were probably complaining about the sun flowers.

Haikus for No one

Just when i felt the grass,
i felt something.
The grass.

Well, technically, not a Haiku.
But Lets try more.

Since the day i have met you.
I met somebody else too.
Your sister.

these are not haikus..

The sun was still,
the earth still too.
God had the proper shutter speed settings.

Two people on the run.
One was serious , the other did it for fun.
Blog created successfully.

(Now blogger saves your draft automatically)

Past tense of Shit is Shat????

To whom am i writing this to?Anyways,feels nice to have something of your own and secretly hope that people would read this and post comments.Cant help the ego.

If there were two,
and i was one in the loo..
What would happen to the one,
who has nothing to prove.

Insanity is contagious.Feel like writing such more.
I obvioulsy would.

Since the time of the prince,
And the sweeper of the Kingdom.
I saw many tress flee...
Was it boredom..??

it rhymes.