Thursday, December 31, 2009

Time and again..

I have compelled myself to write this blog.I knew i had to write something before the year ends.I am straying away from my basic philosophy, that i would write a blog only if i have something to write about, something substantial.But as you can see, i have not written anything for the last 6 months.:-)

I know it for a fact that New Years and Birthdays and other days are good for the economy.But personally,i hate being overawed by a new year and normally tend to run away on my Birthday.

One thing is for sure, i would feel happier writing '2010' on a piece of paper rather than 2009.2010, has some reassuring edge to it,makes you feel safe,secure and warm.Its like the year of the protective brother.
Its interesting how Calendars or the concept of Time has built or conditioned our pyschology.When somebody says,'live moment to moment' .. we normally tend to think of each moment as each second.'Live each day as it comes' .. again, we are prepared to forget everything at night all the horrible things that have happened in the day.As a rule we tend to summarize a day,a month an year, but a if we go a little deeper .. feels a little foolish.

Without the concept of time.. nobody would have a bad day,a bad year.. there would be fewer adjectives defining our lives.Though it sounds really dull.. i am sure this thing would surely take away the heaviness of the heart.

Agreed.. practically we wont get anything done without the concept of time, but pyschologically is it all too necessary ?? Though i am not too sure of the ways to drop it pyschologically, there is one way that mostly works.

Its alcohol time !!!

(Photo by Harish Krishnamoorthy,Place:Marrakesh)

Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Waiting Game

Ok,Yes!I know,its something thats making this moment tolerable.I shall wait.I have to.I live with the hope that if i carry on just a little longer,there would come this moment,where i dont need to carry myself.

A few steps more,and then i dont have to walk.A few breaths more and then i dont have to survive.

This could be the story of the dead man who wanted to rest in peace, but then.. people started believing in ghosts.But obviously, this is not that story.In fact, this is not even a story.

This is a game.The Waiting Game.But this is not like any other game.Nobody has to be a winner here,I have to.Nobody has to be a loser here,somebody else has to.

Ok,Sorry for that.No Word Games.And for that matter no Waiting Games either.The moment shall never arrive.The bird shall never Sing.And if its a Crow,forget it!And if its not a Crow,it better not be a Pigeon.Pigeons dont sing, they paint in a rather ugly way!

Coming back to the point.There is no point in waiting,there is no point in not waiting.Words on a Bus Hoarding,I saw once, sum it up best."There is probably no God.So stop worrying and start Enjoying!"And for those who never believed in God,he is up there watching your every fucking move!