Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Bar at TCR

Well,the title could not be more apt. Because thats almost my home. Almost, in the sense that i live two floors above this pub.Right now, i am sitting right next to it, only a door separating me and the people inside having drinks and being merry on a saturday night. Well, i had to climb two floors down so that i could catch the wi-fi network and could write this blog.
Well, not exactly, i wanted to see some videos. If you do a search on YouTube with the search word as 'Sitar', then the first video you shall most probably see is Ravi Shankar teaching Sitar to George Harrisson.
Not doing much with the Sitar. My room mate, is tired of listening me play the same two ragas. So, i always try to play something randomly, but it turns out to be the same always. I dont know, how not to be me.
The owner of the bar is our landlord and he has promised us discounts on the food we order from their kitchen.Hmm.. but sadly he did not mention any discounts on the drink. We too, havent sat in the bar yet, though its the place we have to pass through every day, waving a Hi! to the bar tender!
One of the most difficult things to understand here, is to know, how friendly can you become with some one. Obviously, i mean this in the normal way, ofcourse . :-)
But, there is a barrier that you cant put your finger on.