Monday, April 22, 2013

Now, why the obsession with Sachin Tendulkar ?

I cannot help it. Yes - I am talking about my obsession. It was a secret. But its no more. Once you are married, such obsessions cannot remain a secret. Now, I am not a mad man. At least not in psychiatric terms.

Whats the obsession. Let me explain.

I cannot help typing these exact words on to Google Search - 'Sachin Tendulkar'. Every time the browser comes up, I cannot help typing these words. Now, why the hell am I doing that ?

I believe, Sachin Tendulkar controls this world in a certain way. If he is not doing anything wrong, you should not be either. Here is a person, who works hard and is humble. Just like what our parents encourage us to be. He is also selfish. He likes records, accumulating statistics. This might be debatable, but at least I think so. So it is for all of us. We want to keep a record of places and the number of our friends  and number of things that we know and have done. Luckily we have Facebook for that.

And, this guy, he is under pressure to perform. Just like I felt in the 10th and 12th standard and every other exam. May be not exactly like that. But yeah, its similar. Imagine your results are out and you are coming back from your school to your apartment complex. You can almost imagine all the people peeping out from their windows and looking at you. It almost feels like a stadium full of people, all looking at you. Except here, nobody cheered for you when you went to write your exams. So.. its actually even worse.

He is the child, every mother wants to have. He is probably the kind of person, God likes.

Now,  if he fails.. its like, you failed. You can completely associate with the pain. Now, I would not feel the same way, when Roger Federer or Tiger Woods or M S Dhoni fails. The common man cannot relate to these people . It will be interesting to introspect that thought. But may be later... !! hmmm..Probably, Sachin Tendulkar's weakness and self consciousness is much more evident than the rest.

He loves to Bat ! He wants to bat without having the responsibility of a captain. Now, does not the common mad man feel the same way ? Now imagine, you went on a picnic with your friends and were also told that you were responsible for everyone having fun on the trip. You would stop having fun right then and there.

He has done great, but he is the most critical of himself. I am sure he thinks that he is a failure in certain ways.

Now .. I would say, it would be better for him if people like me do not obsess with him. But let me tell you, he is also a person underneath who secretly loves the attention and the glory. Just like the common man.