Sunday, June 24, 2007

Haikus for No one

Just when i felt the grass,
i felt something.
The grass.

Well, technically, not a Haiku.
But Lets try more.

Since the day i have met you.
I met somebody else too.
Your sister.

these are not haikus..

The sun was still,
the earth still too.
God had the proper shutter speed settings.

Two people on the run.
One was serious , the other did it for fun.
Blog created successfully.

(Now blogger saves your draft automatically)


sankaranarayanan said...

God, blogging was created jus for this fuck to put down his nonsense!! lol.. sahi hai be, mazaa aaya padhke, lag raha tha jaise hi tu muje suna raha tha apni haiku's! lol.. carry on :)

ravi said...

hey bhave ,
i was here you know.

ravi said...

i mean who else could guess god had a camera and he knew how to click.