Monday, January 25, 2010

The New Bullet Kid on the Block !




Soulfull Rhytm said...

what the pic doesnt the swooning , drooling feminine fan fare = )

half.baked.poet said...

The man with the Thundering Machine, shining armour..! Man, U cud feature in a Mills and Boons now with this mean machine. "The rugged man with those undressin eyes finally found what completed him... a Bullet!" :)

Abhijit Bhave said...


gi. said...


if i said this said...

finally .. a bullet through your heart :)

dasfreuitmisch !!!

did i spell it right ?

Abhijit Bhave said...

Das freut mich !


half.baked.poet said...

Mast lag rahe ho ladke.. ekdum jhakaas(Anil Kapoor style wala)!
Jaise ki Wild West Movie main actors aate the..
and he disappeared in the setting sun.. Bhave chale gaye and ladkiya kept loging for the man with machine. and a lot of other armour as well.. ;)

half.baked.poet said...

arey dude. shadi ke baad to tum ameer ho jaoge to car shaar chalaoge.. to yeh bike hamko de dena.. kaisa idea hai?? :)
aur batao. what is the song for the day ? ofc main kaam bhi kar lo ya to jaiswal se mil lo.. Wo tumhe "rajja" bana dega.. nahi to rajdev bharti ka bhi option hai :)

Abhijit Bhave said...

Hmm.. aisa hai tuu shaadi nahi karungaa..!! :-)

Dude, i think you should sell of your Pulsar .. and go for a Bullet.

Rabya is also planning to buy one... so all three of us can plan on something .. what say .??

We can plan a trip.. which include Jassi and Rajdev Bharti....

half.baked.poet said...

Yeah that is one bloody nice idea! I would buy a bullet too. give me another 6 mnths... we would go on a long drive from Delhi to Dharamshala.. or Leh or Jaisalmer. whatever. Wonderful plan.. and on the way we could wave to those 2 chaps too.. :) ..
By the way what did u have in the lunch today? whats the best thing you've eaten lately?? :)

Abhijit Bhave said...

hmm... again , an interesting question!

A month back, had dinner in MainLand China, and thats the best Chinese food, i had ever..

though Yo! China in Delhi comes a close second..!!


Abhijit Bhave said...

What about you ???

half.baked.poet said...

Well. I loved the food at a dhaba on the Hyd Pune Road we went to a few days back.. it was one place we love to go every once in a while.. Long drive Nice songs. Empty Highway and a wonderful imagination of mine.. ;)

What are u thinking these days by the way ??

Abhijit Bhave said...

Thinking ... whether to change my Indore Silencer (Short Bottle) to the original silencer - Long Bottle.., gives a more pleasant sound, and wonder, whether it would give better mileage. :-)

Also, to change the seat cover to more comfortable ones, and put the mirrors back, would help me in long drives....

and yesterday , just counted the mileage on my Electra , its 34.50 :-) , so not bad at all.. and i have been driving at a stable 40kmph....

half.baked.poet said...

This reminds me of Zen and the art. by R. Pirsig, wonderful book man. and Bullet comes pretty close to the machine he descibed.. :)
and 34.50 is wondeful, I get arnd 40 on my bike..which is nowhere close to being the manly machine Bullet is..

But all said and done, if you are happy driving to ofc everyday and driving back to home, despite that fucking traffic and pollution and those fking drivers with no driing sense, it makes everythin worthwhile.

what else do u have that is as close to you as your bike? I mean inanimate things.. :)

Abhijit Bhave said...

Interesting.. interesting..!!
You know the right questions.. to ask!! :-)

It would be the Sitar..!!

Similar to the Bullet in the sense, that it has to be handled carefully.

Plus, its very delicate.... and plucking every note gives exquisite joy..!! its like it adds something to you.. and you want to pluck the string again and again... and its a cumulative process, but the fingers give in at some point..!!!

ok.. coming to you ..!!
the same question goes to you ..!!

half.baked.poet said...

The things that are close to me..
Well. I love my gym and everything that goes with it.. :)
I love my pair of dirty jeans, my rayban aviators, I kinda like my bike too.. :)

Gymming is wonderful man after you get used to it. I mean way beyong the usual cosmetic gains..
The kinda pain u feel pumping some iron, the perspiration and the test of your stamina every time you enter the place.
I think we guys were more meant to do the physical labor and then someone invented this computer...
Gymming is getting back to my usual self..
I might have devitaed from the question but that time I spend there is pretty close to me.
it's meditational!
And after u buy a bullet, you just cant "not-pump-some-iron" yourself!

I am not using any open ended question this time. lets see what u come up with now!
I completely trust you :)

half.baked.poet said...

cudn't resist myself dude. Had to say this.. Thighs pe pellam workout kar liya hai man! :)

Saee said...

:) Looks Good!!

Anonymous said...
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