Tuesday, September 25, 2007

What Crap !!

Just thinking (Abhijit Bhave thinks !), what to write. I dont know , why am i saying this. Because, if i dont know what to write, why am i forcing myself to write. Whats the catch?? Am here to find it out. I think its to make up an image for yourself.The way you want it to be. And thats what i plan to do. And i guess, thats what i have been doing. Why am i writing it here and not in my personal diary? With every passing day am i getting insecure and wondering about the significance of my existence on this planet? I think so.I think writing anything down gives a sense of solidity and permanence. Writing here helps or atleast gives a feeling that its going to help. Helps to make a space for yourself.Even if it just e-space.Permanence. Yes, each passing moment seems ungraspable. Permanence can only be brought with the help of friends , relationships, memories... and blogs!!
Now that i am clear as to why am i writing, the next thing would be to write something.
I guess i have written enough.
What crap !!!!


gargi said...

i thought of nothing but nothingness.. that fills me.

so u reach there and tell me u are there too.

half.baked.poet said...
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