Monday, February 22, 2010

The Marvellous Earth

'As you walked on the beach the waves were enormous and they were breaking with magnificent curve and force. You walked against the wind, and suddenly you felt there was nothing between you and the sky, and this openness was heaven. To be so completely open, vulnerable - to the hills, to the sea, and to man - is the very essence of meditation. To have no resistance, to have no barriers inwardly towards anything, to be really free, completely, from all the minor urges, compulsions, and demands, with all their little conflicts and hypocrisies, is to walk in life with open arms. And that evening, walking there on that wet sand, with the sea gulls around you, you felt the extraordinary sense of open freedom and the great beauty of love which was not in you or outside you - but everywhere.' 

All The Marvelous Earth,Brockwood Park,3rd Public Talk 6th September 1980


Saee said...

Beautiful. :)
I read this at the right time.
Thanks. :)

Abhijit Bhave said...


Sanil said...

wow... :)

Approximately me said...

He might as well have simply said that he's luring you toward the greater beauty by giving up your minor wants. However beautiful, it is a trade-off anyway. Man is indeed a small, selfish thing and must be cajoled even for the spiritual path. What a pity,the gurus have to market it. Or people market it to themselves at the best.

Abhijit Bhave said...

And Miss Shubhra, what is JK exactly marketing for ? A beach resort ?

if i said this said...

i loved it .. esp the part .. to have no resistance.

but still i love the urges of this world both minor and major.

and i feel free ..

Approximately me said...

Abhijit Bhave, you know I am not trying to blame JK on marketing anything. Its more a comment on mere mortals. We need someone tomake even things like spirituality to be presented in a palatable, die-able way.
Its just frustrating to have to talk lengths about what you simply believe...and believe so much that it is the first principle to you..not derived or reasoned from anything. That's when your conviction is strongest. Its sad that the depth of your conviction is measured by how well you talk it.
Not that I don't find inspiration listening to greats like JK. That is what's more frustrating. I need these beautiful words to feel. There are lessons in a simple person's simple quiet life.Why am I too coarse to be impressed by them?
That's why I say, is poetry the whole purpose of life, even greater than a life well-lived?

Approximately me said...

Forgive my grammar in the above. Was just too aflow.

Abhijit Bhave said...

Miss Shubhra , good point..!!

Surprisingly, talking about JK, he is normally really boring (boring.. well, you understand what i am saying..), but i was delighted myself to find this article, hence wanted to post it..!!

I guess.. thats why people like Osho score over JK in terms of popularity among people !!

and, i guess.. i am sure, you are not coarse, just that you are not at peace to feel the beauty in the ordinary..!! well.. same goes for me and million others.... :-(