Friday, March 12, 2010

   I have never thanked technology, but i know,now is the time to do it.
Without this,i would not have known what cruising means and more importantly, what it feels.Sit erect,hands slightly loose on the handlebar,thighs touching the tank but just slightly,a constant thump at 50kph and you would not care about anything else,because even the drivers speeding you by,cant help looking behind as they move past you.
    Many have argued against the cult status that the Bullet has achieved because of the maintenance that a 350/500cc Engine requires, plus the mileage that it gives.Then there are some, who would call its thump, a noise.I agree with them.Nothing so wrong with the facts or speculations.
    But you are not the same person anymore after you ride on it.At least i am not.Any kind of research is not going to help you to like the bike.A ride on it and you feel its a privilege and not a right.You feel humbled, being able to ride on the bull.And what else,there are many a things you discover and learn.
    You cruise and don't speed.That's when it dawns,why speed when you can cruise.This is the time,when you start looking beyond the road,the landscape.The chaos in your mind drops to its lowest.You suddenly discover one of the reasons why you exist.You don't care much about the destination at this moment,the ride does not let you.The constant thump does not let you think beyond the next second,its that addictive.The present moment is the destination.
    "Four wheels move the body.Royal Enfield moves the soul." - Author Unknown.


Madhu said...


an amorous ode to THE Enfield..

royally awesome :)

gi. said...

when are u taking me?

Abhijit Bhave said...

Thanks Madhu...!! :-)

and Gee...

I want to come to Kerala on the Bullet...

or ofcourse, you can come here..!!

or, we can meet mid-way !! :-)

knots n crosses said...

happy cruising ..even though the thrill must have worn down a bit by now..or has it :-)

Abhijit Bhave said...

@knots n crosses

Haha .. no. Thats the best thing.
You hear the sweet thump of this road chewing monster while you ride, it always feels the same, always feels great. :-)

Approximately me said...

Where are you? No new post in a long long time.