Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Just for the record

I have been very lucky to have had the chance to start playing football very early in my life. 1993. Thank you to my parents who enrolled me .That was the year 1993, when we moved to Mumbai from Pune. But they quickly compensated by putting me in Tabla classes as well at the same time.

I only started to enjoy Tabla long after I quit those classes.

At this point in time, I am an expert at neither. But I have had great fun! And yeah.. hope to continue do so.

Its almost 2014 now. I am already 30 now. At this age, incredibly, two lists start growing. Things you regret for not doing and things you want to do. The second list almost certainly has most of the items from the first list. In that way.. it is good to start regretting early, or else, its harder to get those items from the first list to your second list.

Talking in terms of 'regrets', I now wish, that I had play football more. I cannot believe now, that I did not play football when I got the chance to play in school, because I though it would affect my studies. 

Ironically. the way I am right now, it does look like I did skip some years in school.

Well though, after school, I did not give up football and still try to play whenever I can.

And because I know I may happen to read this blog after 50 years. Here it is. Just for the record.
(Actually, I do like showing off.... ! Even if its only 4 goals in 12 years. That means, I score one goal every 3 years. Not bad... I still have a year left before I score the next one !)


tushar rai said...

I admired your balance, i saw two of your matches, It struck me, that you always managed to stay on your feet most of the times. skipping tackles.
Was there a headed goal in the four?

Abhijit Bhave said...

yes, I remember you saying that. :-)

The first one in 1999 was a headed goal.
I happened to stand there, it was a free kick.
All I had to do was just nod. Actually,I don't even remember nodding!

It was a goaaalllll!!!!!

ravi said...

I am sure you scored many more :) Did you not count beach football ? :)

Abhijit Bhave said...

hehe.. yes .. certainly .. I have scored many in beach football. but i don't remember if there were any goal posts....