Thursday, July 26, 2007

On the NAtional Highway...

There are three things that i want to warn you before you would want to begin your journey on the national highway.The first thing is that national highways are dangerous.The second thing is that they are national.And the third thing is that you are actually reading this.Anyways, the whole point of living your life till death is zilch.Hence, once you realize that there is no point in living, then why as well not travel. Travel is the best way to move.So i say.
So that sunny morning, when it was raining and there were dark clouds all over the place.. i decided that i should be carrying an umbrella. And the umbrella thought the same. And so we became friends. Me and the umbrella. We were just friends. But then it started to rain heavily and hence i had to use my friend. A friend in need is a friend indeed.
So, it was raining on the national highway and i was using my friend so that i could remain dry and my friend could get wet. We both were happy by this deal.
We were walking on the highway and talking to each other. But the problem was that my friend could not talk. Because my friend was an umbrella.


Madhu said...

another of bhave's masterpieces....

under thy umbrella, ella..e e

half.baked.poet said...

i just love this.. and the one who's managed to write this..

i hope someday bhave gets a walkin talkin umbrella..

p.s.(bhave wud u lemme share it for a drizzle or two ;) )

Livia said...

You write very well.